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How to Get Your Marketing Mojo Working


When clients hire me to develop knowledge-based products, the first thing I ask them is this question:

What is the vision for your business and how does your product contribute to that vision?

This question takes some people by surprise. They expect me to get right down to the nuts and bolts by asking them more concrete questions like “who is going to be buying this product?” or “is this going to be an eBook or a DVD?”

And we do get into the nitty gritty questions pretty quickly but before we do it’s important to address issues of vision and mission.

Mojo Begins with Vision

The word, mojo, originally meant “spell” or “charm.” In popular culture we use the word when we talk about someone having almost irresistible charm and attractiveness … especially with the opposite sex.

When I ask a client to tell me about their vision for their business, I ask them to begin with what their heart longs for. I believe visions are seeds planted in our hearts by the Divine. Further I believe part of our purpose in this life is tend and cultivate these seeds so they can grow and become reality.

And it’s the connection to Divine Love that makes a vision so compelling and magnetic to other people. Something magical happens when our hearts are touched by the Divine living in the heart of another person.

So when a business owner and I are discussing his or her vision, I’m listening in my heart for a “Ker-chunk”; the sense of a big piece falling solidly into place. That Ker-chunk is followed by a a sense of excitement and energy in my heart. I literally feel the other person’s heart calling to my heart.

Example: Using Vison to Create Marketing Mojo

Deb came to me because she had several product opportunities yet she found herself unable to choose one to develop.

When I asked her about her vision she said “I really want to help people coach themselves.”

Now that’s a cool thing to want for people but why?

“A lot of people who come to me are in some kind of transition, a big transition, like getting a divorce or moving or losing their job and they’re struggling with everything: money, relationships, career.”

There are lots of coaches and consultants and social workers who do this.

“Yes but when clients work with me, they begin to see how these things that seem so awful at first aren’t so awful. They begin to see bigger opportunities they didn’t see before and as their sense of what’s possible expands, I teach them different skills that they can use to navigate those opportunities successfully.

“I’m not a cheerleader saying ‘you can do it,’ and I’m not a taskmaster holding them to their ‘to do’ list although I’ll encourage them or hold them accountable when they need me to.”

As we continued on in this direction, Deb said, “It’s like more like being a guide and outfitter and I’m helping my clients see the transition they’re in more as a grand adventure in which they’re the hero!”


“So maybe,” I suggested, “your product is about helping people see the opportunities that are present in their transition and providing the practical stuff: gear, maps, skills, etc., to navigate their adventure. You’re Outward Bound not a Disney Cruise, right?”

“Ooh, yeah, that sounds like a winner!”

Then a pause.

“But Judy,” Deb said, “What if no one wants Outward Bound?”

When it Comes to Mojo Your Heart Needs to Lead

Yup, this issue always comes up for heart-guided business owners. Always.

And it’s not an issue to be ignored. I don’t advise anyone to blithely wander into the marketplace believing that if their heart tells them to sell something, they have a successful product.


We’re not talking about a bit of fluff…a whim or caprice.

We’re talking about message that is an expression of Divine Love…something with great substance and power.

The question then is not “does anyone what this?” the question is “how do I find the people who want this?”

When you create a marketing message from your vision, that message behaves like a tuning fork.

When you tap a tuning fork it vibrates at a specific pitch and if you place another tuning fork with the same pitch nearby that tuning fork will also begin to vibrate.

There can be other tuning forks nearby that are tuned to different pitches and they will not begin to vibrate.

A vision-based marketing message will not resonate with everyone but it WILL resonate powerfully with the people in your audience who are ready to benefit from what you have to offer. These are the people who are going to be moved by your marketing mojo to step forward and buy your information product. They are like the tuning forks with the same pitch as the one you hold.

Those are the people for whom your business is going to make a difference and that is how your business is going to make a dent, maybe a small one but a dent nonetheless in the universe. This is where your revenue will come from.